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About Us

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Our Story


The Tall Timber Cattle Company is a new iteration on a long-standing family farming tradition.  Since 1827, the Little family has been farming in Canada, having emigrated from Ireland to southern Ontario.  For four generations, the family farm provided food to the local community - dairy products, meat and eggs in Caledon, ON. 

With the growth of the city of Toronto, it became difficult to continue to farm in that location.  Roads were too busy to move cattle or machinery and neighbours were becoming concerned about odours and dust.

Fortunately, our family had purchased land in Alberta, near the village of Bergen in the early 90's.  This is where our ranching operation is now located, under the direction and hard work of the 6th generation of Littles in Canada.

We continue to provide healthy food for our community through modern ranching methods and old fashioned animal husbandry.


From our family to yours, shop and eat local! 

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