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Meet our team at the Bar TT Ranch. We are a family of passionate ranchers that like to enjoy life to the fullest! 
James manages the ranch. He is likely to be found out with the herd, fixing fences, checking pasture, or running equipment. James brings a willingness to try new ideas within the context of farming, whether it be a conscious effort to reduce animal stress or finding ways to farm in a more environmentally friendly way.
Ian is the farms’ go to fixer, always there to jump in with a helping hand, be it welding broken farm equipment back together, or helping separate the bulls from the cows at the end of summer. Ian brings immeasurable passion and a willingness to be different; he is happy to help expand the farm, or to bring new practices and ideas into the operation. Ian can trace his family farming history to 1522 in the Netherlands, with a mixed farming and dairy roots.
Having grown up on a dairy farm in Ontario (established in 1835), Laureen always has had a passion for agriculture, eventually going on to become Peel County Dairy Princess! Laureen was involved in 4H growing up, and was always outside with the animals. While Laureen and Ian enjoy the cows, they prefer their horses, spending hours riding the luscious pastures. Always striving to improve her knowledge and practice, she has earned a diploma in Equine Science from the University of Guelph.
Isabelle is a Registered Nurse and has quickly become marketing and sales representative for the Tall Timber Cattle Co. Selling to coworkers and friends has led to a solid customer base for our beef products. Isabelle is adapting to the ranching lifestyle, assisting with calving, vaccinations and tending the garden.
While usually in Downtown Toronto as an accountant, Matthys has come to the ranch for an extended period during the Covid-19 pandemic, working virtually with his clients in Ontario. He is a very valuable member of the team, helping with calving, moving cows, and treating animals. He is presently in charge of our blog: Cow Talk.He also enjoys renaming all the farm animals!
Presently a teacher in Calgary, Pieter comes out to the ranch to help with branding, fencing and general ranch work. On occasion, he also flies radio controlled airplanes, taking off and landing on the pond!
Victoria is the head horse trainer at Tall Timber Ranch. She has started several young horses and trained them along to become working ranch horses. Her gentle approach to horse training has proven to be a very important addition to the ranch. She has helped in calving, vaccinating, branding as well as moving cows on horseback. Always smiling, Victoria and Stine make a wonderful duo.
Stine comes to us from Germany for the Spring/Summer seasons. She is a passionate horse trainer who has brought tremendous knowledge and experience to the Tall Timber Family. Both horses and humans (Laureen and Ian) are benefitting from her training techniques. Stine and Victoria have quickly become great friends, spending most of their time together training or barrel racing. Stine is learning how to handle horses around cows, something new to her!
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