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About Our Beef

We care about quality. Our beef is ethically raised by a sixth generation Canadian Farmer in Alberta, for Albertans.

How We Ranch Today

Without legacy infrastructure, we are developing the ranching operation using the best available practices and equipment.  The land we hold is not suitable for a large commercial grain operation.  But cattle are extremely efficient at converting natural pasture between the aspen and spruce bush into high-quality protein. 


James brings a solid business understanding from a University degree in Finance/ Accounting/ Economics and practical know-how that he inherited and practiced.  Along with tireless energy and drive to achieve, his 'Get it Done' attitude is making great headway.

Ranching is a family affair and everyone is called upon to help at busy times.  No matter their formal occupation, our boys are on hand for branding and round-ups, when we need their help.  Neighbours and friends help each other in the ranching community and big workdays are followed by a hearty dinner, fellowship and laughs - enough to sustain us to another day.

We are ranching to make a living and a life in this beautiful part of the world.  The needs of the animals help us to build our plans for new pastures and daily schedules.  Knowledgeable friends and neighbours and hands-on experience gained while providing others with a hand, direct our efforts.

We eat what we produce.  And we like top-grade beef on our dinner table.  We are excited to share the products of our efforts with you and know that you will love the taste of our lean, grass-finished beef.

Come visit the ranch to see what we are up to.  If you call ahead, we will try to coordinate a little tour for you.  It's our little piece of paradise and we love to share the beauty of our home with friends.

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